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Intimate weddings and elopements in Lefkada and Parga

We are not a wedding factory. Our approach is simple: we design & organize perfectly seamless and beautifully stylish, intimate weddings and elopements in Lefkada / Lefkas and Parga, places that provide the most stunning backdrops. We and our colleagues are a team of wedding and visual professionals who are not only experts in their work but also people passionate about what they do. We design visually demanding weddings for style-conscious couples. Good styling is a way of creating atmosphere reflecting your personality and making you feel comfortable on your day. Good planning makes the day stress-free and full of warmth and smiles. With our weddings we create also meaningful memories…while our designs/settings are well-crafted, our photographs are not manufactured, neither posed, but moments captured candidly which even years later take you right back to the day of your wedding and evoke the genuine atmosphere.

Who we are?

The company was founded by master photographers Ester & Emil, therefore visual design is based on extremely strong foundations. The experience of over a thousand photographed weddings in twenty-two countries has shown almost all possible sources of error so we believe we are prepared for everything. Ester worked as a corporate event coordinator for multinational companies for five years, before moving to Lefkada in 2010 where she began to deal with visual design, photography and wedding planning. Our work combines knowledge of organizational workflow, workplace culture in multinational environment, and visual design/photographic skills. Our goal is always twofold: to organize a well-planned and coordinated event that is absolutely aesthetic, movie-like on the visual side.

Why to get married in Lefkada or Parga?

Lefkada / Lefkas is much more than just the sea…it’s a feeling…a place of sheer beauty and authentic Greek spirit, smiles and hospitality, embraced by the Mediterranean sun for the majority of days. This is Lefkada. There are unexpected treasures at every turn: breathtaking views, ‘Lefkada-blue’ sea, ethereal light, faded colors, smell of orange flower, variety of lyrical landscape, magnificence of the countryside and, in the nearby hill towns, charming alleys, vibrant streets and delightful people. The small coastal town of Parga has particular charm emitted by its labyrinth-like alleys, stunning pastel-colored houses and the small islet of Panagia. Constantly inspired by our surroundings our aim is to fill your wedding day with this feeling and look in order to have a real intimate, heart-warming yet glamorous day.


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