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Mediterranean vineyard wedding in Lefkada

Spring is an adorable time of the year, full of fresh air, sunlight, blooms and energy. Let’s all take a mental vacay to the Mediterranean Vineyard of Λευκαδίτική Γη today and step into an idyllic setting by Your Lefkada Wedding team.

The winery is located in the heart of Lefkada / Lefkas island, yet easily accessible, surrounded on all sides by beautiful, topical landscapes of rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards.

The building has a timeless elegance and we wanted to incorporate this in all elements of the styling. The decorations were also chosen by using this approach in order not to take away from the venue, but enhance it.
Long table arrangements invite a more familial feel, while looking exceptionally romantic and cozy.  Olive branches, pomegranates, antique rose peonies and rosemary helped the beautiful floral design fit nicely with our overall color palette, the simple yet chic table settings and tan wood tables.

Appetizers were served in super-creative way (aka comfort food with a classy twist) providing a variety of delicious light bites and canapés like bruschetta or feta & shrimp cocktails. We can tell you these snacks were not only pretty but also super yummy. (;

Living in an era that any visual message is so powerful, the wedding stationery automatically becomes part of the couple’s aesthetic signature that sets the tone of the whole event rather than a consumable item therefore we paid attention to the details when designing it.

Real couple Polyxeni and Filippos were our models. She wore a minimalist dress and accessories by Greek designers, which were provided by local concept store ‘λ’ Land Lefkada. Thanks for the cooperation, our model has joined the long list of women who have decided to reinvent what it means to be bridal. More and more nontraditional pieces have been hitting the mainstream, not only when it comes to the dress but also jewelry or a straw hat as a statement piece.

We hope, for couples who love the charm and beauty of a destination wedding in Greece but want something unconventional, this editorial can offer a great inspiration. This winery, without a doubt, is a breathtaking venue for a cozy wedding. 

Big thanks to everyone below for creating such a beautiful setting!

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