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March 2018

Porto Katsiki with pretty pastels

Have you ever wondered why you love the beach so much?

From the sound of the waves, to the salty wind and the hot sun you can also forget the whole world…
When you are walking by the sea, enjoying the water and the sand under your feet, it’s hard to imagine there’s a world out there where you have to-do lists, noisy and busy days…but on the beach its only you and pureness of mother nature…
This is why a beach is a perfect location for an intimate wedding…even out of the main touristic season in Lefkada / Lefkas!

If you’re brainstorming beach wedding ideas you have many choices when it comes to the color palette. But now that spring has sprung, we have pretty pastels on the brain!

Pastels blend together to create a delicate, cohesive color scheme that complements a romantic wedding theme, from your bouquet to your sweet and beautiful meringue favors.

Have you ever wondered that this wedding couple could be you…

location Porto Katsiki, table at Avali Cantine, Lefkada Lefkas

styling Your Lefkada Wedding

photo Lefkada photo & visual design Wedvision


model Evi Toussi & Thomas Christodoulou



γάμος στην παραλία
σχεδιασμός γάμου
Γάμος & Βαπτιση
ολισμος γαμου

Randezvous of spring and winter

A late winter day’s evening… everything asleep… last days of mediterranean winter before spring gives us vivid colors and energy, the smell of fresh grass and the bird singing…

The randezvous of spring and winter is quiet yet warm… no winter lasts forever, lets enjoy its last minutes…

Location Lefkada Lefkas, Nikiana

Styling, props

Photo Lefkada photo & visual design


dress dent’elle

model Breanna Zavitsanou