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Glam meets modern wedding in Lefkada

A glam wedding is a majestic presentation of materials, colours, textures and more. Everything screams grand and sophisticated, containing inventive details- never one exactly the same. This being said, it is a challenging feat between grandiose intention while keeping it classy.

Behold our American-Greek couple, Alex & Nick! Combining a timeless elegance and a modern glam vibe with such ease and style, their wedding in Lefkada was the very picture of what a glam wedding should be.

Let me paint you a scene: a simple yet breath-taking backdrop of Lefkas island, standing from the elevated height of the Rachi sea view villa. Extravagant chandeliers and delicate fairy lights swoop in from the veil of lights above you and reflect in to the pool, creating a magical mood.

Downstairs, the long tables, tall candles and simple touches of pastel flowers here and there certainly set the fine dining mood… Playfully contrasting the upstairs exuding a fun more party vibe set with a pool and live music while still maintaining elegance.

Think: a monochrome colour palette, with soft hints and hues of champagne and pastel rose added in the floral design and glowing from the hanging warm lights.

Delicacy and minimalism are the key to not overpower the overall view. The decorations were finely attuned to this, naked Edison light bulbs hanging from the stand for example. For a glam-meets-modern affair, acrylic details are a must. Ghost chairs and acrylic signs make a statement without dominating the other elements and finely complement our modern approach.

This couple exuded regal vibes down to every last pore, Alex’s amazing gown paired with a beautiful bouquet of white orchids made a jaw dropping entry down the aisle in their Greek orthodox ceremony.

We’re sure that this extravagant couple will only continue to sparkle!