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Traditional Chinese tea ceremony in Lefkada

When our New York couple, Anna and Xinrou arrived in Lefkada to celebrate their same sex wedding, they started their multiple day celebration off right with a traditional Chinese tea ceremony at a gorgeous Lefkadian winery.

Chinese tea ceremony contains a special symbolism in Chinese culture. It is a generational Chinese tradition where the bride and groom serve tea to their respective families, and the couple receive blessings and gifts in return. This beautiful event is effectively the procedure of bringing the two families together, making the official unification of the couple all the more special.

Our goal was to plan an emotional event respecting the Chinese traditions, while fitting it in the Mediterranean environment.

The winery provided the perfect Lefkada wedding venue, the vines encompassing the chalky cream walls outside, combined with the classic China tea set and the happy congregation created a whimsical scene.

As the tea slowly disappeared the union of these two parties grew, the day finishing successfully with overwhelming emotion and love.

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