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‘Love is love’ in Lefkada

Xinrou and Anna from New York placed their dreams in our hands when deciding to get married in Lefkada.

Often same-sex couples get very creative with their wedding day. One of the many amazing things about an LGBT wedding is that you can truly do away with any stuffy conventional wedding roles and customs, and celebrate free of any restraints to make the day your own.

The wedding in Lefkas, every inch of it personalized, filled with deeply meaningful and soulful symbolic items, marked a memorable day in our teams’ lives.

Following their traditional Chinese tea ceremony the day before (see it HERE), they tied the knot by the sea. Making their vows to each other in front of their loved ones, surrounded by friends singing, it was every bit as magical as one would hope.

Their heart-melting outdoor ceremony flew into a spectacular reception… It was a great challenge and joy to transform an olive grove into urban glam, the playful and fun space reflecting the pairs’ personality. The process and outcome in short, was a blast.

Behold; brilliant colours, disco balls, colorful wedding lighting, custom made items and bold decisions – reflecting all the super powers held by this amazing couple.

Xinrou and Anna, we wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts!

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